About Us

Hi, I'm Michelle and welcome to our small-scale flower farm in Uxbridge, Ontario. With the incredible support of my other half, Matt, we are building Moss & Thicket with a vision to offer locally grown flowers to our community. The idea began in 2018 and continues to grow with each season.

I am a landscape architect and arborist with a deep love for plants and the natural environment. I am most happy when nurturing and creating beauty. Matt is often behind the scenes making sure the backbones of the operation are in order. He spent his childhood working at his parents' garden centre and is no stranger to the plant world. He's the one building the beds and fixing up the greenhouse.

Together we are working to share some of the beauty we are growing. We strive to grow all of our flowers following natural growing practices, without the use of herbicides or pesticides. We aim to produce top quality blooms and a freshly harvested product. It gives us great pleasure to brighten each customer's day with what we create from our farm. You are supporting a small local business with each purchase and the best part is that you are helping the environment.

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