Why did we start a flower farm?

As a child, my sister and I participated in a program for youth with our local horticultural society. They gave us a selection of flower and vegetable seeds to grow in the early spring. At the end of the summer, we were able to enter our flowers and vegetables to be judged and potentially win the coveted blue ribbon. It was a fun activity for the summer that helped us develop a sense of responsibility and respect for nature as we nurtured the plants. In the years following these early garden experiences, I would beg my parents to help me order unique tulips and lilies from the Dutch grower magazines. They would give me a limited budget and I would plant the bulbs in the fall when they arrived and wait patiently for them to bloom in the Spring. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on gardening.

When Matt and I first started dating I lived in Uxbridge on a residential lot and I created gardens wherever I could within the limited space. He lives on a ½ acre property, and he generously expressed that I was welcome to plan some garden spaces at his place. I eagerly accepted his offer and the initial gardens came to life. When I moved to his place, that’s when things really took off.  As we contemplated starting a flower farm, we became increasingly confident that we both had the skills and knowledge to make it work. Then the extensive planning began for soil preparation, plant selection and formation of the flower garden plots. There has been a lot of learning and growing (literally and figuratively) and there will continue to be, but we are so thrilled to be offering locally grown flowers to our community.

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