Winter Work, Holiday Market and Planning for the Future

Fall has flown by and it’s hard to believe we are now approaching a new year. I thought I’d update you on what we have been up to! Since mid-November I’ve been making a couple of wreaths every night, either filling orders or preparing for our first Holiday Market. On November 28, Matt and I attended the Uxbridge Farmers Market, Holiday Market. It was a snowy, chilly day but we had a lot of fun and we were so glad that many of you were able to visit our booth. It was a pleasure chatting with those of you who came to the market.

Fresh evergreen wreaths are always a favourite as the holidays approach with their woodsy scent and festive feel. They make the perfect hostess gift or  seasonal decor. I’ve been hand-wiring each wreath the last few years but it’s a slow tedious process and I have finally hit a point where I needed to upgrade my technique. I’m so excited that next year I’ll be using a wreath clamp machine to make them. My hope is that it reduces the time to make each wreath by not having to wire individual bundles of evergreens on to the frames. I’ve also started making dried flower wreaths with flowers we grew, such as strawflower, hydrangea, and grasses. These wreaths will last indefinitely and look great throughout the year!


Now that we are approaching a new year, Matt and I will be shifting to planning the gardens for this spring. There are lots of decisions to be made regarding what seeds to order, where each type of flower will grow in the field plan and—one of my favourite tasks–researching a few new varieties to experiment with. Soon I’ll be grabbing a cup of tea and sitting by the fire to peruse the seed catalogues that are already coming in the mail.

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